1. New reading material for the weekend 📖+🎨 by #billsienkiewicz

  2. Uggghh, I shouldn’t have eaten that pork…

  3. RU-FI-O, RU-FI-O! Crayon sketchin’

  4. Cowabunga!

  5. Putting some POP into type.

  7. Christmas presents for friends… Ever wish you had some Sriracha to top your dishes, but the restaurant you are at doesn’t have any? Hate carrying around the 17 oz. bottles of your favorite condiment? Then you need one of these.

  8. Sho’ Card present for the picture framing shop I work at.

  9. New skate stick. I dub him “Skinbeard.” 

  10. The Great Altogether! Practice work. Came out fine, but hell it took a lot of effort, a lot of experimenting, a lot of redoing, a lot of fixing.